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> a3bm() {
>   Hi! I was wondering if somebody can give me a clue to how to
>   schedulle regular backups to CD-R. I'm using FreeBSD 5.3.

If your dumps are so small they will fit on CD-R, you could do the

- make a dump

  dump -0 -a -L -f - /usr |gzip -c >usrdump.gz

- use mkisofs to make an ISO file containing your dump

  mkisofs -r -pad -o usrdump.iso usrdump.gz

- burn the ISO to CD-R with cdrecord or burncd.

If the gzipped dump file is larger than a CD, you could use split(1), to
make CD-sized chenks, and burn them to different CD's. 

>   By now, i can asume that the best choice is to use 'dump' but i
>   can't realize how to use the CD-R as a 'writeable' device.

If you want to use a CD as a kind of harddisk, you could use an UDF
filesystem. See udfclient in ports.

If the dumps are big, upgrade to a DVD burner and use growisofs(1) to
burn the data to DVD.

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