FreeBSD on current crop of laptops?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Aug 18 08:45:25 GMT 2005

Tom Vilot wrote:

> I'm itching for a new laptop.
> I like the (big-ass) Toshiba Satellite machines, but I'm not wedded to 
> them. I am curious what people's experiences are with some of the 
> newer laptops and what might be recommended.
> Also -- I am interested (possibly) in an AMD 64 laptop, if BSD is 
> working well on one...
> Thanks.

Don't know if it will have what you're after...

You do know there's a freebsd-mobile list as well?  Anything in its 

You can always run i386 BSD on an AMD64.  If your big-ass machine has a 
big-ass disk then you can put both 1386 and amd64 on it and dual boot.  
There's a big list of ports which don't run on amd64 which flew by this 
list recently.


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