Asking for help to evaluate FReeBSD for our Project

Dino Ornido moose at
Thu Aug 18 00:02:56 GMT 2005

Dear FreeBSD, 

We are currently in a project called Mikelle which is our company's attempt to create a software/network system for K-6 education.  The software is a network game (sims like) to use it as an education tool schools.  This is for kids to create communities and use simulated life situations integrated with school educational standards. This will enable children to use this to gain experience in life sitations at the same time use the eductional standards as a tool to win the game (such a buy groceries and even ethical situations).  This project is a 100% donation from our company and we are currently trying to submit a proposal to apple.  We are evaluating whether to go in that direction or use the current hardware 386 (cheaper) computers and use the FreeBSD OS for this project.  We ar in need of software company's with Sims like compatible to FreeBSD (opensource) that we can use so we don't have to re-invent the wheel.  I was wondering if we can visit your orginaztion and get some training in your system and also to get your permission to use FreeBSD.  It is not going to be used to make money just for use to prove a point that a small company like ours can make a difference.  We need as much help as possible considering we are a garage IT/development company with 10 people.

Our website is www. and is currently being update.

Thank you for considering this and hopefully can get in contact with you soon.

VP/Chief Technology Officer
Dino F.  Ornido
x3 consulting
(650) 244-0770

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