Bridging of virtual interface and sis0

Huy Vu huyxvu at
Wed Aug 17 19:42:13 GMT 2005


This what I would like to do ...

Switch <->[sis0 bridge ngeth0.(mesh protocol).ath0] <-wireless->
                         [ath0.(mesh proto).ngeth0 bridge sis0] <-> switch 

The above configuration should allow me to have layer 2 access from
the switch to switch.  It's either I'm doing something wrong or it is
not possible...

If I replace the bridge functionality in each of the box with routing
then it works.  But this means that I have to configure each of the
virtual interfaces and sis0 interfaces for each of the box and run
routed (i.e. operating at layer 3 instead of layer 2).

I use the standard ng_bridge example to bridge

BRIDGE_IFACES="ngeth0 sis0"

So the question I have is will ng_bridge code work accross virtual
ethernet interface.


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