cache-only named won't resolve "localhost"

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Wed Aug 17 15:39:11 GMT 2005

Alex Zbyslaw <xfb52 at> writes:

> Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
>>Mozilla apparently doesn't even use my local DNS as it still hangs.
>>(I must admit that I've never checked my caching DNS's cache.)
> Mozilla will use resolve.conf, if it is there.  It will also cache answers for a long time and requires restarting if
> you, say, add a host to /etc/hosts.
> I missed the beginiing of the thread, but why would you want to run without /etc/resolv.conf?

That was just a side-issue I threw in after I read a comment about
using resolv.conf's "domain" and/or "search".  Its manpage says:

      On a normally configured system this file should not be

so I just tried doing without it; host, dig, and nslookup don't
need it (even when not told which DNS server to use), but my mail
hung up, so either Gnus or, more likely, sendmail needs resolv.conf.

The orignial and still-remaining problem was that Mozilla hangs when
given "localhost/index.html" or "localhost.localhost/index.html".
Then I noticed "host" didn't work and that bothered me.  But I got
that fixed and I don't much care about the original Mozilla problem.
It appears the Mozilla doesn't use my resolver library, /etc/hosts,
or my localhost cache-only DNS server.  I did try restarting Mozilla
after reading your comment.

Don't worry about it.  Thanks.

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