/usr/src 'make buildworld' problem

Shane James shane at phpboy.co.za
Wed Aug 17 10:52:35 GMT 2005

I'm going to backup all my configs and just reinstall... I've learn't an 
important lesson though! :P "ALways make sure your RELENGS are 100% correct"

We can confirm this at http://www.freebsd.org/releng

ta :)

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Shane James wrote:
> Well,
> I did something quite stupid... I cvsuped to RELENG_5_0 Accidently... 
> managed to get all the way to 'make installworld' but when I rebooted from 
> single user mode it wouldn't boot my new kernel... so I booted kernel.old 
> (5.3-RELEASE) that's working fine... so... I've now cvsuped to RELENG_5 
> and get this error.
> So Essentially I'm trying to compile the kernel on a 5.3 kernel with 5.0 
> compilers :/

Consider a binary update. Throw in a CD-ROM, choose "Upgrade" and follow
the instructions. I'm not sure whether sysinstall makes a backup of
/etc, because this upgrade overwrites configuration files, passwd and so
on. Pay attention ... well, too late. :-P


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