who's right? sysinstall or the bios

dick dick at nagual.st
Wed Aug 17 09:54:08 GMT 2005

I wrote:
So here's my dilemma:

fbsd values: 30401/255/16 gives 238472MB (almost ok)
bios values: 65535/255/16 gives 514072MB (totally wrong)
Can the bios be so wrong?

The manufactorer stes this on its website:

Discs/Heads /  /  /  /
Bytes per Sector 512
Logical CHS 16383/16/63
Recording Method 16/17 EPRML
Contact Start-Stops 50000
SeaShield System No

Does this mean I have to change the LBA setting in the bios to something
like CHS (16383/16/63) ?
If so, I guess it will affect already installed software on the drive too.
Or will LBA take care of the "translation from CHS"?

A bit worried and waiting for advice before I'll proseed.

(that why I use outlookexpress at the moment.. not to my pleasure I must

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