Stable server

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Tue Aug 16 22:36:11 GMT 2005

Carstea Catalin <carstea.catalin at> writes:

> what version of freebsd do u recomand for a stable server? 

The Handbook recommends against using a stable branch (RELENG_5
or RELENG_4, which might not even compile)

   without first thoroughly testing the code in your development

But if one is going to thoroughly test the code, one might as will use
HEAD, except that it is likely to fail and be a waste of time (or your
testing is not thorough enough).

So it seems to me that one's choice is between thorough testing of
RELENG_5 or less thorough testing of RELENG_5_4 or RELENG_4_11.  I'll
leave it to those with more experience for choosing between the last
two, but it sounds like it's a toss-up, with some recommendations
being influenced by conservatism or a desire for more "5" testers. :)
Another factor (besides testing effort) in the choice between RELENG_5
and RELENG_5_4 is the number of fixes as measured by the time since

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