DHCP Issue - could not get ip.

Ovidiu Ene ovidiue at unixware.ro
Tue Aug 16 20:04:18 GMT 2005


I have a problem with DHCP, i've tried to solve googling, reading post 
on forums.

I have a DHCP cable modem connection.
in rc.conf i have ifconfig_vr0="DHCP"

when i launch dhclient -d vr0 i get:

I've tried differend things, like setting the nic for 10 mbps, 
half-dupplex, reseting the cable modem.
(I've talk also with isp, they said does not support FreeBSD or linux)
I've tried almost any parameter in dhclient.conf.

If i boot on windoze (same box, same nic) DHCP works. I've taken ip and 
gateway from windoze put with ifconfig in freebsd and internet works.

Have you any ideea what should I do?

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