ath driver within 5.4-RELEASE

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Tue Aug 16 19:22:44 GMT 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 13:36:14 -0500
Nikolas Britton <nikolas.britton at> wrote:

> On 8/16/05, d3c3it-linux at <d3c3it-linux at>
> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I just wanted to know if the ath driver is included within the 5.4-
> > RELEASE as I can't seem to find it with the GENERIC config or do I
> > just load auth with kldload ? I can't check as I'm not at home atm.
> > Thanks in advance Glyn
> > 
> Yes it's part of 5.4, started life in 5.2, man ath:

The ath driver is available in 5.4 RELEASE; but is not compiled into
the GENERIC kernel.  If my memory serves me correctly, people on this
list have reported problems loading the kernel modules.  Therefore,
you'll probably need to recompile the kernel with the following:

	device ath
	device ath_hal


Andrew Gould

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