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Hi list,

I'm new to FreeBSD, and this is the first time I configure a FreeBSD box. 
Ok, let's get to the point: my problem is with DNS resolution, form some 
reason the resolv.conf changes after some time (10  to 20 minutes), from my 
DNS IP to the rl0 IP. Does any one know why? My machine is an AMD64/FreeBSD 
5.3 with PPPoE for an ADSL connection,

greetings from .CL,

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As you may have seen already, this is a common issue with systems running 
dhclient. It will overwrite the resolv.conf with the ISP provided dns 
information as soon as it obtains it from the dhcp server. To counter this, 
do this with your dhclient.conf file (/etc/dhclient.conf) and create a 
prepend entry for each server you want to answer your dns requests. Take 
note, the file is read from top to bottom and in the example below, would be the primary dns server for your system.

interface "rl0" {
        prepend domain-name-servers enteryourdnsiphere
        prepend domain-name-servers enteryourdnsiphere
        prepend domain-name-servers;


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