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Randy Pratt bsd-unix at
Tue Aug 16 15:20:11 GMT 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 15:34:44 +0100
"Charles Smyth" <charlessmyth at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I wondered if anyone can advise me about how to get screen shots /
> grabs of the FreeBSD installation screens as shown in the online
> manual, etc. I can use The Gimp’s resources to do screen shots with
> everything installed, but this wouldn’t be available at the
> installation phase. 

The screenshots in the Handbook were done with vidcontrol:

	vidcontrol -p < /dev/ttyv0 > shot.scr

See vidcontrol(1) for further detail.  There are also tools in the ports
tree (graphics/scr2png) if you need to convert to PNG format.

	scr2png < shot.scr > shot.png

Most of the screenshots were taken post-installation.  There are a few
screens which have different content post-installation than during
installation and those were edited with editors/hexedit to reflect the
exact display at installation.

A few of the screens were captured using the headless install technique
described in the Handbook in "Advanced Installation" since
those screens don't display when running Sysinstall after installation.




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