dump & restore question

Alexander Shikoff minotaur at crete.org.ua
Tue Aug 16 14:45:49 GMT 2005


I maked two dumps of root filesystem with dump(8):
 - the first of level 0 (all files)
 - the second of level 3 on the next day after level 0 (all files new or 
modified since dump of level 0 or level 3)

Now I'm trying to restore filesystem with restore(8):
cat dump0 | (cd /mnt/ad0s1a && restore -ruyf -)
cat dump3 | (cd /mnt/ad0s1a && restore -ruyf -)

I'm getting next warning message:
./sbin/init: cannot create file: Operation not permitted

And this warning appears for all files with `schg' flag.

Question: why the dump of level 3 contains files which were not modified
since dump of level 0? 

Thanks in advance, Alexander.

Kind Regards,	Alexander Shikoff
minotaur # crete.org.ua

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