Counter-Strike, Wine and FreeBSD

Jerahmy Pocott quakenet1 at
Tue Aug 16 01:23:59 GMT 2005

On 16/08/2005, at 5:00 AM, Andrew P. wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm sorry to bother you all guys, but this issue has really become a
> crusade for me :)
> I'm trying to play Counter-Strike 1.5 on FreeBSD - over network
> The easy part was to install wine, closed-source nvidia drivers,
> launch CS1.5 - and even play on the local listen server with some
> bots. Mouse was not very responsive, but overall performance was
> great. It should be noted that CS1.5 did not need any native dll's -
> only wine's built in modules.
> The problems start when you try to connect to a network server. It
> would just hang. It took me three days of messing with wine, googling,
> and meditating - to finally decide to ask for help at
> freebsd-questions :)

Well my first thought is that if it works on a local server it should  
work on
a remote one..

Perhaps you can try to connect to a server on your local network?

What I'm thinking is that perhaps the remote server you are connecting
to is doing something different, perhaps trying to use "punkbuster" or
what ever counterstrike has as its anti cheat thing or it could be  
to download maps/textures/sounds/etc..

Have you tried different servers?

When you say it hangs, what exactly happens? The program completely
stops responding? Does it say anything prior to hanging? How far does
the remote connection get before it stops? What if any messages are in
the wine console when this happens?

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