Installer can't find hdd

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Mon Aug 15 17:05:45 GMT 2005

"Efren Bravo" <efrenba at> writes:

>  I think that the problems is in fBSD that it doesn't able to communicate
> with IDE banks, it raise the errors:  
>  if the motherboard's controller isn't supported by fBSD, what could I do,
> should I send to garbage the motherboard?  

If you're convinced it's a FreeBSD problem and you'd like to do future
FreeBSD users a favor, then write up a formal problem report (find link
on home page) and also post your 5.4-R problem on freebsd-stable at .  If
you're keen on trying to get the problem fixed, try 6.x on it and if
it does the same thing, report the problem on freebsd-current at .  If
you are really ready to trash the MB, and it's reasonably new, some
developer _might_ want it to debug the problem down on.  Maybe.

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