Failed installation of FreeBSD 5.4

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Mon Aug 15 15:34:34 GMT 2005

Milscvaer <millueradfa at> writes:

> that. There must be something wrong with the boot
> records that fdisk is not correcting. 

> I know friends who have had unuseable boot records as
> well and have to boot from floppies, Its not really a
> big inconvenience.

Spend some time with the boot, boot0cfg, fdisk, bsdlabel, manpages and
the handbook.  Note that fdisk can install either a DOS-type MBR (and
set active part) or a FreeBSD-type MBR (use F1...).  Also note that
fdisk does not install the boot records that are probably not working
for you: the ones at the start of your primary partition.  These are
installed by "bsdlabel" with -B option.

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