Charlie Scherer charlie.scherer at
Mon Aug 15 15:00:48 GMT 2005

Alexandr Kobzarenko wrote:

> senks for your answer, but problem is very hard......
> i am install the ltmdm, then add  module ltmdm in startup. that's O.K/
> But !!!
> i see this:
> # kldstat
> # ...
> ....
> ...
> ltmdm.ko
> So, the module are load !!!   But device cual0  dont create in /dev 
> -directory
> this is a problem

  Including ltmdm_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf should set up the device 
node properly.  You should check the console messages to see if your 
modem can't load because of IRQ conflict or something like that.  Post 
the appropriate lines from dmesg.

> Please , help me. My russian friends dont known haw do this.
> maybe i dont need a ltmdm ?

  If you aren't sure if you have the proper hardware you can try pciconf 
-l -v and check for something from a vendor like "Lucent/Agere", with a 
device description that might include "WinModem" in the class "simple 
comms."  The Lucent/Agere chipset might have been used by more than one 
vendor so check the web.

    Good Luck,
--Charlie Scherer

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