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Mon Aug 15 12:55:12 GMT 2005

I'm pretty new to Freebsd (used it briefly a couple of year's ago) and thought I'd give it another try with the release of the 6.0 Beta's. So far everything so sweet, build a world and new kernel and all working fine but I'd really like to get my wireless card working. The laptop I'am using is a Compaq Evo N600v and rt2500 wireless card. Under linux the card worked fine but for the love of me I can't seem to crack why I can't get it to connect within freebsd.
Following this http://damien.bergamini.free.fr/ral/ral-freebsd.html I entered

# ifconfig ral0 netmask 0xffffff00 ssid HOME \ wepkey 0x3F4F5FJN3859D9G3KL83NCLO34D weptxkey 1 wepmode on

(above is an example)

and ifconfig return's stating wepkey is of an invalid length. Now my netgear router produce's 128-bit keys which are 26 char's in length, from reading the man page's ifconfig only accept's 8 or 13-bit key's.
On my router the 26-bit key it generate's is produced from entering a phase/password/whatever and then "encrypts" it (converts to hex i presume) I could use wpa but this would disconnect my other user's off the network (linux boxes with only wep enabled driver's) and running without any security at all is not an answer (busy city area, surprised the wep hasn't been cracked yet). 
If I enter the above ifconfig command but with the prehexed phase/password the command is accepted but when I 
dhclient ral0
I recieve error's about network unreachable.
On my linux laptop (same card) it does take a couple of time's of dhclient (or equiv in debian) to bring the card "online" as it were (the light's stay out but it does kick in after a couple of times) but never recieve and error about network unreachable which lead's me to believe it's not connecting to the access point at all (ifconfig confirm's this).
I've searched google and the list's and turned up nothing, any help is greatly appreciated, I'm not a list subscriber yet so could any reponse's be sent to my email address as well as the list.
Thanks very much in advance


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