need I install synaptics Touchpad driver for FreeBSD

nawcom nawcom at
Sun Aug 14 16:21:28 GMT 2005

This is a common issue with laptops. Here's my little fix - its been a 
solution I've been giving out that works:

in /boot/device.hints:

add this line:


lemme know if it doesn't do the trick.

Fabian Keil wrote:

>Huajian Luo <whatluo at> wrote:
>>I've just buildkernel and xorg and foud that my compaq  ynaptics
>>Touchpad driver
>>can't work and I congfigure psm as the man page told me with no luck. and I hate
>>to use mouse while put the laptop on lap. and I just install xorg from
>>5.4 stable tree
>>and ion2 , so need I add sth in the xorg.conf in addtion to my
>>previous 5.3 configure?
>Try putting hw.psm.synaptics_support="1" in /boot/loader.conf.

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