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Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Sat Aug 13 20:18:53 GMT 2005

On 8/13/05, Bryan Maynard <bryan.maynard at> wrote:
> I'm setting up a web/mail/source coude server for my open source project
> and am using FreeBSD.
> My first concern is security. I read through the appropriate area of the
> Handbook and really enjoyed it. However, I do not know what suid, guid,
> and the like are. I've look up the man pages, but am still confused. It
> seems like the suid bit means that only the file owner can execute the
> file. Is this true? Also, does anyone have any security tips? I am new
> to all this and so am looking for as much info as possible. I would
> like to get a (few) book(s) on FreeBSD and security - any
> recommendations?
Tip: always keep your system and the programs on it patched and up to date.

> My second concern is performance. I read the tuning man page and was a
> little confused. Could anyone help me with this? Reasources and/or
> advice would be great.

Tip: You need to run with an opt code cache. eAccelerator is in the ports system
Tip: When using PHP, Perl, Python et. al. buy the fastest CPU you can.
Tip: Lots of RAM.

> I am using Apache/PHP/MySQL, eGroupWare, and SubVersion so far. I also
> need an email server. I will need mailing lists. I would like to
> support IMAP, but am unfamiliar with it. I understand POP3 as I have
> dealt with it for a while. What are the tradeoffs and/or advantages of
> IMAP? I know IMAP is supposed to be "newer" and "better", but how? In
> addition to mailing lists, contributors will also get e-mail addresses
> for the project. I'd like to use ClamAV for e-mail virus protection -
> but need some pointers for installation and configuration.
> Right now I am running FreeBSD 5.4, Apache 2.0.54, MySQL 4.1, and
> eGroupWare

Tip: FreeBSD, Apache 1.3, and PostgreSQL.

IMAP is decentralized,  the mail stays on the server. With POP3 the
client downloads the mail to a local system and that's that... An
example of IMAP would be webmail... IMAP can do a lot more too, It
blows POP3 out of the water. You can make IMAP work like POP3 too.

You should look into LDAP too.

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