scanner for fbsd $50-$200

dick hoogendijk dick at
Sat Aug 13 17:13:57 GMT 2005

I looked in the hypertext man pages, but the "supported" scanners
(uscanner driver) all seem a bit old.

Than I looked at SANE-cvs (the latest). There also most modern cheap
scanners you see in store today don't seem to be supported.
EpsonPerfection 2480/2580/3170 or CanoScan4200F or the cheaper

I want a cheap scanner. I don't want to scan in negatives, just some
10x15 photo's and magazines materials.

Are there still some cheaper models available for FreeBSD that are also
fully supported with something like SANE? Or do I need to use Windows
for this task? (Hope not).

Hope to get some info from you.

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