Connect from distance!

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Sat Aug 13 11:43:02 GMT 2005

Carstea Catalin wrote:
> How can i "share" ( with chmod for example ) for only some users ( web 
> programmers ) only one directory where they can put his web pages.
>  Ex : "share" : /var/www/html/dir1
> for user1,user2,user3 
> If user1 make ssh on my server he can view,read,modify,remove only files 
> from /var/www/html/dir1
Hi there,

easiest, make the programmers members of the user's groups. make sure 
the /var/www/html/dir[1|2|3] directories are g+rw , and u-rwx

You'll have to add the user/group the webserver is running as to those 
user's groups too.

> Tks!
>  If exist another solution for my web programers ( secure solution ) to work 
> from distance on my web server please tell me. 

I suggest you don't give full ssh access, but rather access via SFTP, 
setting the user's shell to scponly (ports tree,  shells/scponly , IIRC) 
, or even better, scponlyc (chrooted version of scponly), which is part 
of the scponly port and can be built with a special flag. The users will 
  be able to upload/download files securely, edit them in their remote 
computers and upload them again. Most good quality web editing software 
understands SFTP nowadays.


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