Any suggestions for a MTA for a new admin?

Aaron Peterson dopplecoder at
Fri Aug 12 22:34:23 GMT 2005

I have used sendmail some, postfix to its limits, and currently am
using courier-mta.  I'm using courier because it is an all in one
solution for webmail, mta, pop3, and imap.  It also easilly does mail
services for multiple domains with a number of configurable backends
(filesystem, database, etc...)

I really don't know which one is best.  I liked sendmail and postfix
alot.  courier-mta fit all my needs at the time though...

Having said that, it was a HUGE undertaking to set it up because it
was an all in one solution with many parts.  However, I finally got it
done, and seldom have to touch it for anything now.


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