simple (very) Bash problem

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Fri Aug 12 13:25:55 GMT 2005

On 8/12/05, Aaron Peterson <dopplecoder at> wrote:
> On 8/12/05, tg webb <gordetta at> wrote:
> > In SuSe 9.1 and in the shell, Bash works fine until I attempt "make".  It
> > responds with unknown command.  I know I'm missing something obvious but
> > what?  Any help gratefully received
> It's a mystery why you're asking about SuSe here, but the obvious
> answer could be that "make" doesn't exist on that system.  Lots of
> Linux distributions that are binary package based (RPM, etc) don't
> install a development environment by default.  I don't know how people
> survive in a world without make, but apparently some do.

Yea I was a bit confused as to what he wanted help with... by default
SuSE does not install development packages of any kind, I had to go
search around in YaST2's package manager for KDE's Quanta Plus the
other day... If it won't install a simple html editor when you do a
default install you can forget about make.

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