Diskless on FreeBSD 5.4-stable

jumbler chi jumbler.chi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 08:54:21 GMT 2005

hi :
   Anyone install and configure successfully on FreeBSD 5.x ?!
 I referenced the handbook of FreeBSD

then my  installation  step as:

1. clone whole system via  'clone_root' script. (
/usr/share/examples/diskless/clone_root )
2. install  isc-dhcp3-server port , and configure the dhcpd.conf 
3. setup TFTP service and NFS service both.
4. get etherboot Image file via following web site, and 'dd' this
image to floppy disk.

( since the remote machine's network card  isn't Intel , is VIA-Rhine
VT3043 . so it can't boot via PXE. )
5. Finally, I booted the remote machine via this floppy . then I saw
nothing in remote machine. why ?!
Did I miss something else ?!  if the network has another dhcp server ,
whether it will impact ?!
BTW, I re-configure the etherboot image with 
ALTERNATE_DHCP_PORTS_1067_1068 option,
it still can't work . 



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