Problems with DNS

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Fri Aug 12 05:39:07 GMT 2005

At 10:07 PM 8/11/2005, perikillo wrote:
>    HI all.
>      I have one freebsd box running 5.3, i get my IP from one internal
>DHCP running NT 4.0, here we have one PDC on NT 4.0, to get to the
>outside we pass thru one http proxy and one firewall, i have my user
>and password for the proxy, i want to get outside, i install manually
>the cvsup program, i download that one from another machine and burn
>the file on that machine because i cannot made my freebsd box reach
>      I already setup this variables:
>      /root/.cshrc
>     setenv HTTP_PROXY http://myuser:mypass@
>     setenv FTP_PROXY http://myuser:mypass@
>      /etc/make.conf
>     FETCH_ENV= HTTP_PROXY=http://myuser:mypass@
>     FETCH_ENV= FTP_PROXY=http://myuser:mypass@
>     i have my NIC setup on /etc/rc.conf to get the IP from my DHCP
>server, and found my lease on /var/db/
>     There i see my info, my domain, i create my /etc/resolv.conf and
>input my domain:
>nameserver     MYDOMAIN   <----My lease have this

Your DHCP server should supply the IP address (not a domain name) for the 
name server you are supposed to use.  You shouldn't have to create 
/etc/resolv.conf manually.

If the name server that you are supposed to use is, then your 
resolv.conf should have a line that looks like:


Typically, you will also have a line that lists domains to search in order 
to resolve host names that aren't fully qualified.  It would look similar to:


But again, that line isn't required.

>     But went i run cvsup, say that it cannot resolved hostname, i
>really dont know what more to do, i read the handbook, but dont find
>any good info on the DHCP setup, only talk about the server but not
>about how to setup the client, only say some files, dhcp.conf, etc.
>    I need to setup those files...?

To run the client, all you need is a line in your rc.conf that would look 
similar to:


where fxp0 would be replaced with whatever the device name is for your 
ethernet interface.


>    I dont have any packages install, because i cannot reach Internet,
>i was thinking this was simply, but i dont know what iam doing wrong,
>some tips about my problem...?
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