attempting fastcgi with php

David Banning david+dated+1124256192.715575 at
Fri Aug 12 05:23:16 GMT 2005

I am interested in lowering my memory consumption while using php with

I am told by others and by the fastcgi website that fastcgi carries
"a smaller memory footprint". I would like to use it to run my php
scripts. I seem to have fastcgi installed and operational. At least
I have run the script;

use FCGI;

while( FCGI::accept() >= 0 )
    print( "Content-Type: text/plain", "\n\n" );
    print( "Hello World in Perl", "\n" );

which seems to work.

I have no idea how to tell whether fastcgi is executing php scripts, 
or if they are executed the plain old way, without fastcgi help.
The configuration of fastcgi in apache shows;

AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi .fpl

which seems to indicate that -only- .fcgi and .fpl scripts are
executed by fastcgi. That doesn't seem very useful. Doesn't fastcgi
execute plain .cgi and .pl and .php scripts also?

I have looked on the fastcgi website and on the apache website,
and at the fastcgi and php documentation and not found my answer.

How can I test that php scripts are being executed/assisted by fastcgi

A phpinfo() of my php and apache configuration is available at;

Any pointers would be helpful -


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