Newbie Q: No login prompt on startup

Hexren me at
Thu Aug 11 23:30:59 GMT 2005

>  >>Hello all,
>  >>
>  >>I just finished installing FreeBSD 5.4 on my PC.  When i boot it
>  >>normally all of the startup scripts finish, no errors are displayed but
>  >>afterwards a login prompt fails to appear. If i boot in single user mode
>  >>I get my '#' prompt right off the bat and can edit files. What is going
>  >>on? Does my machine think I have a terminal connected to the serial
>  >>port? What config file do i need to edit?
>  >>
>  >>I used standard install method from CD. I'm running an Nforce2 chipset
>  >>and my HDD is SATA, but FreeBSD seems to be dealing with these just fine.
>  >>
>  >>Thank you,
>  >>Eric

>> what system security level did you set the os to?

> The system was set to the default security level.

>> I'd check /etc/ttys and make sure you have this line:
>> ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc"         cons25  on  secure

> That line was in my ttys.

>> exactly as above. At the very least, with 'on' and 'secure' in the line.
>> What's the last thing displayed on the screen, and what happens if you 
>> press enter?

> Pounding the keyboard does nothing, i even have a console mouse. The 
> last thing being displayed it
>       "Starting sshd daemon"

> I decided i was wasting more time trying to get into the system than it 
> would take to just reinstall it, and so i did leaving every option on 
> default. Now I've got things up and running! I got X11 setup right off 
> the bat and i'm about to delve into wireless networking.

> Thank you all for your help!
> Eric


The next time that happens try ^C.
If the startup process hangs in bringing up a daemon you cann kill
that like any other foreground running process. Maybe that was what
hit you at least it sound a lot like that to me.


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