Problem with Seagate hdd

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Thu Aug 11 19:53:21 GMT 2005

At 12:36 PM 8/11/2005, Efren Bravo wrote:
>I tried to install freebsd in a pc with a seagate ST340014A (40Gb 
>Barracuda7200.7) hdd but the installer doesn't find the drivers. I've 
>checked but 
>it doesn't have any seagate hdd reference.
>Is it possible to install freebsd into seagate ST340014A (40Gb 

The problem is most likely the hard drive controller on your motherboard.

What motherboard do you have?

Are you using the controller that's built in to the motherboard?

What version of FreeBSD are you trying to install?


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