Newbie Q: No login prompt on startup

nawcom nawcom at
Thu Aug 11 17:11:38 GMT 2005

what system security level did you set the os to?

ive heard of people setting the level to the highest, which ensures all 
services have started before login but never reaches it because the 
services arent in use. This was from the early releases of version 5, i 
dont know about 5.4 though.


Eric Lance wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just finished installing FreeBSD 5.4 on my PC.  When i boot it 
> normally all of the startup scripts finish, no errors are displayed 
> but afterwards a login prompt fails to appear. If i boot in single 
> user mode I get my '#' prompt right off the bat and can edit files. 
> What is going on? Does my machine think I have a terminal connected to 
> the serial port? What config file do i need to edit?
> I used standard install method from CD. I'm running an Nforce2 chipset 
> and my HDD is SATA, but FreeBSD seems to be dealing with these just fine.
> Thank you,
> Eric
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