How to use Bochs?

Ean Kingston ean at
Thu Aug 11 15:48:13 GMT 2005

On August 11, 2005 11:09 am, Norbert Koch wrote:
> > I have installed Bochs successfully from ports.
> > At first, I planned to install Windows in Bochs, but soon I found that
> > Bochs needed to be configured before functioning properly.
> >
> > How to configure? I have no idea. I visited the homepage of Bochs just
> > now, but with no gains.

It has been ages since I used bochs but in short you need to create a hard 
disk image file and a bochsrc  configuration file. There are a bunch of hard 
disk image files ( available on 
the bochs home page and the bochs manual has an entire chapter on creating 
the configuration file 

Years ago I used it when I had to run an old windows (3.1) application that 
wouldn't work under wine. It worked well.

> I strongly suggest you to give qemu a try. It installs from ports
> including a bios and I already successfully booted e.g. the
> netbsd installation cd from in it under FreeBSD5.4.
> Norbert
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