/home on a separate slice on cloned system

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Thu Aug 11 15:26:29 GMT 2005

> >
> Oh, that's simple then. Just run mkfs_ufs (or something like that) 
> /dev/hda2d (that is if the slice exists... run sysinstall and modify 
> where necessary to add the slice). Then on your next reboot everything 
> should work just fine if you formatted the slice. Otherwise if you 
> already have a slice formatted and ready to go, just use that slice in 
> fstab.


Thanks for this very helpful hint! In fact it was "newfs".

BTW I found an even more simple solution: Before booting the
slave-system for the first time from harddisk I boot the box using the
FreeBSD install-CD: Go through fdisk and label assign all your
partitions a mount point and you're done - the box boots without any
problems whatsoever.


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