RAID Advice

Graham Bentley gbentley at
Thu Aug 11 07:49:57 GMT 2005

> Your RAID system is only reported as one single device to the OS. 
> To see status of your RAID arrays you'll need to use the RAID mgmt 
> software that Adaptec probably provides.

I remember that on an IDE RAID card I got another device loaded at
install time (md0 I think) as well as the two device types for the individual

With this SCSI Card / Drives I only see devices for the two seperate 
drives, not any unified device.

Out of interest when I went back into the SCSI BIOS after installing
5.4 I noticed in the RAID section that it said "Degraded" next to
the second disc suggesting things werent as they should be.

Should I leave the Host RAID BIOS setting off or are there any other
steps I should have taken ?

Should the installer treat both of these drives together when auto 
partitioning (this worked great with the IDE RAID card)

Any advice graciously appreciated

Thanks !

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