ad10: WARNING - READ_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=11441599

Igor Robul igorr at
Thu Aug 11 06:09:02 GMT 2005

Joel Rees wrote:

>> I have two which reliably fail if you put TWO disks on them in a  
>> gmirror
>> config within minutes of starting a "make buildworld".
> Pardon the interruption, but is this two drives on one channel?

Two drives can not be on one channel on SATA controller.
Also try "Sii3112 Windows trouble" on any search site  and you'll find 
many links to problem reports.
SII3112 IS NOT Server (even small-server) chipset. It does not work well 
with semi-heavy load.
Of course, you can install and use FreeBSD, Linux, Windows on it, just 
dont put load on it with 2 disks.

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