cannot connect to Internet...http proxy?

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Thu Aug 11 03:44:06 GMT 2005

On 02 Aug 2005 09:35:31 -0400, Lowell Gilbert
<freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:
> perikillo <perikillo at> writes:
> >       In my work, we connect to the internet over one http proxy
> > (squid) running on fedora, with windows(98/2k/xp) we dont have any
> > problem to acces to the outside. I have my user and password, the
> > proxy have the IP: Port 3128
> >
> >       I need to access to the internet to update my system because i
> > only download the mini-iso, and i need to update ports and kernel, i
> > need to install some packages, but went the /stand/sysinstall ask me
> > how i want to connect to the internet i chose HTTP Proxy, them he ask:
> >
> > Please enter the address of the http proxy in this format:
> > hostname: port (the ':port' is optional, default is 3128 )
> >
> >    I give the IP of my proxy:, but he dont ask my user and
> > password, and say:
> >
> > "No Such directory:
> > /snapshots/i386/5.3-RELEASE please check URL and try again"
> >
> >   We use one DHCP server with windows that give the IP, i receive the
> > IP, but still cannot connect my freebsd box to the internet, some docs
> > say that if we receive our IP address from some DHCP we dont need to
> > worry about the DNS. I dont have nothing on /etc/resolv.conf
> >
> >   Our subnet is W.X.2.Z  --> my IP is
> >
> >   I forget something?, i need to ask something more to the person is
> > in charge of the Internet access?
> >
> >   I really need to setup freebsd, because we need to test some
> > software before next friday. Hope you could help me, thanks.
> Set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable.
> See "man 3 fetch".

   Ok, i still have problems connecting my freebsd 5.3 to the outside,
i read man 3 fetch and have this examples:

**************************** man 3 fetch********************************
     To access a proxy server on port 8080, set the
     HTTP_PROXY environment variable in a manner similar to this:


     If the proxy server requires authentication, there are two options avail-
     able for passing the authentication data.  The first method is by using
     the proxy URL:


     The second method is by using the HTTP_PROXY_AUTH environment variable:

*************************** end man 3 fetch*****************************

  Them i add this to my /root/.cshrc

  setenv HTTP_PROXY http://myusername:mypassword@
  setenv http_proxy http://myusername:mypassword@

   Where is my internal proxy(squid), that let goes out
side, that proxy is begin the firewall, all running on fedora on the
same box, is my setup correct or i didnt understand well?

    I dont get it, it looks very easy, any tip there? 

    Thanks in advanced.

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