two dc cards on 5.4

dave dmehler26 at
Wed Aug 10 23:24:39 GMT 2005

    I'm trying to get a pair of netgear cards to work on a 5.4-RELEASE-p6
box. My rc.conf looks as follows:

ifconfig_dc1="inet netmask"

When i only have one dc card in the box dc0 everything works, the box gets a
dhcp ip. Put the second one in regardless whether or not the ifconfig dc1
line is uncommented and two things happen, first i get continuous watchdog
timeouts from dc0, second dc0 does not get an IP. As i said the second card
doesn't have to be configured, just in the box and it happens, i've checked
i/o and irq's neither conflict between the two cards. One thing, with a
single dc card the media is set to ethernet autoselect <100base-TX
full-duplex and it's listed as active. Put the second card in and dc0 shows
media ethernet autoselect but for media type i have none and status is
listed as no carrier, i believe this is the reason for the lack of a dhcp
ip, my question is i don't understand why. I've tried:
ifconfig_dc0_mediaopt="100base-TX, full-duplex"
but the system didn't like that. I'd like to tell fbsd specifically what
mode these cards are to be probed to in, but nothing seems to work, and this
only occurs when the second card is in the box. I've tried three separate
cards, all give the same behavior.
    Some urgency! Any help greatly appreciated.

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