Problem w/ PAM…

Sean P. Malone smalone at
Wed Aug 10 22:28:23 GMT 2005

…and the problem is evidently me!

Okay.  I was messing around with pam_radius in and attempt to 
authenticate POP requests off of our existing Active Directory. 
Although I was able to get SSH to authenticate off of AD, I never could 
get POP.  Today I finally realized that our checkpasswd program can ONLY 
valid off of the local user DB – we use qmail.  That made sense so I 
decided to ditch pam_radius.

In my eagerness to get rid of it and move on, I believe that I’ve delete 
a file(s) from /user/lib.  Namely, pam_radius.s0 and pam_radius.s02 
(from memory).  If it is true that the absence of these original files 
is causing my problem, I really need to somehow restore PAM.  It seems 
that I have a “fail open” situation here.  I can ssh to the host and get 
a shell without entering a password.  Luckily, one cannot ssh in as 
root, but one can first ssh in as them self (w/o being asked a password) 
and then su right into root – yes, w/o a password!

I’m novice enough to blame myself right off the bat for moving to fast. 
  Thus, I’ve pulled the system off the network and am hoping that I can 
somehow restore PAM w/o a reinstall.  The system is still non-production 
so, sigh, there is no backup. :(

Does anyone know if I can fix PAM?  FreeBSD v5.3



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