Sound Blaster SB0410 vs. 5.4

hal hl700 at
Wed Aug 10 21:31:05 GMT 2005

Just bought a Creative Labs Sound Blaster SB0410 sound card.

It uses the EMU10K1 chipset.

The hardware notes imply that this card will work with FreeBSD 5.4.

I am using the card in a SuperMicro X5DP8-G2 motherboard PCI-X slot.

Here is what I have tried.

 From the snd_emu10k1(4) man page:

     In the kernel configuration file:

     device        sound
     device        "snd_emu10k1"

 From the sound(4) man page:

     In the /boot/device.hints file:"isa"

     In the /boot/loader.conf file:


I have tried all the above alone and in various combinations.

cat /dev/sndstat reports no installed devices.

Does anyone know how to make this thing work with FreeBSD 5.4?


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