using Linux aaccli in a cron job

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Wed Aug 10 18:50:11 GMT 2005


I have a 5.4-R system with an Adaptec 2200S.  I also have Linux  
emulation running and the aac_linux kernel module installed and I can  
run the aaccli program successfully in a terminal window and use it  
to check status of the RAID controller.  However, if I do it from a  
cron job (same script as I run in a terminal) I get no output.   
aaccli uses terminal control commands and I suspect it is detecting  
that it is not connected to a terminal and hence not running.   
However, I so-far have not been able to get the Cron output to check  
for errors due to the fact that the mail server rejects it for not  
having a valid From/Sender and cron does not seem to set a From on  
its mail or something.

Any ideas on how to get this aaccli program to run in a cron job?

Adaptec really took a step backwards when they went to this aaccli  
from the earlier raidutils used with asr devices.  The output is  
cryptic and a pita to work with.


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