Stranges with ARP

Steve Langdon steve.langdon at
Wed Aug 10 13:07:28 GMT 2005

Hello all.

Help me to solve a strange conduct.
I want to have permanent bundle with IP->MAC for users in our network to have some security. So, once my user's MAC doesn't appear in my ARP table, I have to block by ``arp -S ..' his IP with MAC generated by my script with prefix d1:fa:28.

One day I have a phone talk with my user, he make complaints against slow speed in Internet. When I have checked his IP I feel a terrible :)

tcpdump: listening on rl0
18:48:11.339543 > . 2091947455:2091948915(1460) ack 140637902 win 7441 (DF) [tos 0x60] 
561 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

Traffic comes to that user!

root at router:~ % arp -a | grep -w
? ( at d1:fa:28:ec:87:98 on rl0 permanent [ethernet]
root at router:~ %

While user is blocked by _our_ generated MAC! Btw, could anyone advice me how to block user IP block without touching ipfw (I think to use route + ``-blackhole' to that user that have no his MAC in my ARP table), any ideas?

root at router:~ % arping
60 bytes from 00:00:f0:87:4b:ca ( index=0 time=2.724 msec
60 bytes from 00:00:f0:87:4b:ca ( index=1 time=9.966 msec
--- statistics ---
2 packets transmitted, 2 packets received,   0% unanswered
root at router:~ %

His real MAC is 00:00:f0:87:4b:ca. I can't belave this could be. Whats wrong?
As I think all traffic must transmit to d1:fa:28:ec:87:98, NOT to 00:00:f0:87:4b:ca and user's NIC must ignore that packet unless his interface in PROMISC mode. Or I'm wrong?

root at router:~ % ifconfig rl0 | grep flags
root at router:~ %

Best regards,

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