FreeBSD 5.4 install problem. Newbee needs help.

RW list-freebsd-2004 at
Wed Aug 10 12:05:14 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 10 August 2005 02:11, William Manley wrote:
> I am a new FreeBSD user and I have an installation that has gone bad. My
> problems started when I enabled XDM for a graphical logon into Gnome.
> When I logged in as root the system just looped back to the logon
> screen. I then assumed I had configured my .xinitrc file wrong so I
> booted the install cdrom into Fixit mode and tried to mount the root
> filesystem on the hardisk which the operating system would not let me
> do. The following are the commands I typed with the output.

If you have a problem with a graphical login-manager, all you need do is hit 
control +alt+ Fn  (Fn being any function key up to 8), and login.

There is no need for single-user mode or the fixit disk.

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