about VPN solution

vladone vladone at spaingsm.com
Wed Aug 10 09:32:39 GMT 2005

Thanks all for reply.
I read some about openvpn. Look good but, if i understand corectly,
this not support pptp (that is default for VPN connections under
Windows OS) and need an client aplication tu be installed on
client machine. This is suported only on Win2000 and XP. I have an
clients with Win98 and for this is not possibil to use openvpn.

I read about authpf, look very good :). But this work with pf. I use
ipfw with dummynet for traffic shaping and ipnat for nat. This require
IPFW and IPFILTER. I think is not very good to enable three firewalls
(with PF).
Another problem, is that need for client to be authenticate via ssh. For
2-3 clients is ok, but for 100 is not very acceptable.

I see for win possibil to use pppoe (for all version). Is possibil to
build an solution with this? Hoe i can build an pppoe server?
Or another solution?

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