cannot open /proc/360/mem

JD jd_borozo at
Wed Aug 10 05:54:53 GMT 2005

I started to get messages like this:

: cannot open /proc/360/mem
0âH: cannot open /proc/360/mem
Þ: cannot open /proc/360/mem
º: cannot open /proc/360/mem
P(ÈY(¨ä¿¿~Ò((þHx¼J: cannot open /proc/360/mem

What is this error?

The messages seem to be associated with a cron job (mailed at the same
time), which runs pflogstats on the day's Postfix log. These messages
started to appear after I have upgraded apache-2.0.54 to apache-2.0.54_2
(not suggesting that there is a cusal relationship - or is there?)

This machine runs FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE.


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