make sysinstall

iv gan devif0 at
Tue Aug 9 20:27:34 GMT 2005

Hi there,
I try to make a custom installation of FreeBSD 5.3 in a way that there
are no questions during the process but rather it detects the hard
disk size makes the partitions etc...
For the moment I smply try to compile sysinstall (cd
/usr/src/usr.sbin/sysintall && make all)
and it compiles without any problem. The size on the output file is
about 1,2M. The problem comes when I put it in a mfsroot file and when
it loads on startup. The sysinstall simply don't start. In the same
time on the secont vty after 20secs I got a messages like "process NNN
killed. no swap available" or something like it.
So my question is is there a correct manner to make the sysinstall
(like going to /usr/src and then make everything around). The original
size is about 2.2 Megs and the one I got is about a 1meg less. It is
compiled staticly (NOSHARED=yes it have to mean that no??)
For the moment i don't touch the code. Just compile it to try. The
newly compiled sysinstall is running when it is executed from the
directory where it is situated (like ./sysintall).
Hm I thing thats all I have like symptoms. 
Any suggestions?
Or better is there a way to script an Auto partitioning of the hard
disk without touching the code.

thanks and good luck to allz


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