Laszlo Nagy nagylzs at freemail.hu
Tue Aug 9 15:11:06 GMT 2005

>Looking at the port makefile, one of the programs that is installed is
>called cdrw_format. Maybe you should try that.
Looks like it is the right program. But it does not work. I have 
ide-scsi emulation enabled on my CDRW drive, so it is named /dev/cd0. I 
have a blank disc in the drive (created with "cdrecord speed=4 -v 
Here are the results:

earth# cdrw_format -D -F /dev/cd0
Opening device /dev/cd0

Device dentifies itself as : SCSI   busnum = 0, target = 0, lun = 0

CD-RW has a capacity of 359847 blocks (736966656 bytes)

Formatting.... (please be patient (+/- 10 minutes)) ...SCSI command 
error on /dev/cd0: Status=0x8c
Sense data: Key=0x0 () Code=0x0 Qual=0x0
format unit returned : Bad address
Formatting failed because of : Bad address
Disc access statistics
        sector reads          0  (0 Kbyte)
        sector written        0  (0 Kbyte)
        switches              0

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