Highpoint rocketRaid 454 RAID mgmt software on freeBSD 5.3, has anyone got it running?

Joachim Dagerot jd at dagerot.com
Tue Aug 9 03:09:47 GMT 2005

On 2005-08-09 Björn König  wrote:

Joachim Dagerot wrote:
>> Has anyone suceeded in getting Highpoint rocketRaid 454 RAID mgmt software to run on  freeBSD 5.3?
>> No matter if it's the GUI or CLI versions.
>I use this software successfully, even with FreeBSD 5.4. Satisfied? ;-)

Great to know. I never managed to get the drivers to run on 5.4 (Never tried anything advanced though, Highpoint is developing a native 5.4 driver right now)

What tasks did you have to do to get the management software to run on your machine? I get loads of missing lib files (so-files) when I start the srvdaemon.

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