howto load or install wlan_wep module on freeBSD 5.4 ?

PK piotrekk at
Mon Aug 8 23:58:11 GMT 2005


I removed the interface conf. from the cable but still doesn't work.

What's very strange is authmode OPEN:

# ifconfig
        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        inet6 fe80::20f:b5ff:fe26:d1c9%ath0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1
        ether 00:0f:c4:12:b2:b8
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (DS/1Mbps)
        status: no carrier
        ssid myssid 1:myssid
        channel -1 authmode OPEN powersavemode OFF powersavesleep 100
        rtsthreshold 2312 protmode CTS
        wepmode MIXED weptxkey 1
        wepkey 1:104-bit
howto change it to shared ?

# ifconfig ath0 authmode shared
ifconfig: SIOCS80211: Invalid argument

 --- On Mon 08/08, Andrew L. Gould < algould at > wrote:
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     Cc: freebsd-questions at
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 16:43:02 -0500
Subject: Re: howto load or install wlan_wep module on freeBSD 5.4 ?

On Mon,  8 Aug 2005 17:19:54 -0400 (EDT)<br>"PK" <piotrekk at> wrote:<br>> <br>> yes, but cable is disabled at the moment <br><br>Do you mean that the cable is unplugged or that you removed the<br>interface configuration?  Unplugging the cable does not change or<br>remove the interface configuration.<br><br>Reconfigure your cabled interface to, then test your wireless<br>interface again.<br><br>> <br>> I think there is a problem with DS/1Mbps<br>> this driver seems to allow by default the transfer rate: 1 Mbps <br>> <br>> my wlan access point accept only 54Mbps !<br>> <br>> I think I must change to 54Mbps using ifconfig<br>> <br>> Do you know, howto change this ?<br>> <br>> # ifconfig ath0 media DS/54Mbps<br>> ifconfig: unknown media subtype: DS/54Mbps<br>>  <br><br>I think this is handled automatically by default.  (I could be very<br>wrong.)  <br>

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