Gnome install in FreeBSD?

Benjamin Lutz benlutz at
Mon Aug 8 19:35:34 GMT 2005

> But when my eyes turns to Gnome, I am really scared by its components
> and dependencies. At this point, I am willing to install it from
> ports.
> However, there is a problem: all my previous softwares were installed
> manually, could ports check it out to avoid install some dependencies
> (like GTK+) twice?

Yes and no. The ports checks their dependencies by looking for files
installed by other ports. If you installed all your software in the same
place that the ports would have installed them (ie, /usr/local for most,
/usr/X11R6 for some), the gnome ports will not rebuild that software.

Of course, it'll just record that dependency port as installed even
though it isn't, which might give you problems later on.


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