Opening BSD Browser from Acroread7

Frank Jahnke jahnke at
Mon Aug 8 18:24:54 GMT 2005

I am attempting to integrate Acroread7 (Linux, of course) into my Gnome
2.10 desktop running under FreeBSD 6.0-Beta2.  Part of that is to call a
browser from links embedded into PDF files, and so far I have not been
able to get this to work completely.  That is, the browser (Epiphany
1.6, in my case) loads, but the URL is not passed to it.  It seems that
Acroread7 only follows a path in its configuration, and does not permit
flags.  FWIW, it does not work for Mozilla 1.7 either.

Has anyone succeeded in calling a native FreeBSD program, and a browser
in particular, from within Acroread7 with complete functionality?  If
so, would you share how you did it please?

If there is a more appropriate list I'd appreciate guidance.


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