install from CD-R fails

nawcom nawcom at
Mon Aug 8 18:15:01 GMT 2005

have you checked out the debug during the installation. i really cant 
help until we find out the reason why its not picking up the scsi cd-r. 
i think its Alt-F2 to view the debug screen. check that out and report 
the errors.
egf at wrote:

>I am unsuccessful installing FreeBSD 5.3 on an Intel x86
>box which has only SCSI peripherals.
>If I insert Installation CD #1 into the CD-Writer drive,
>it boots up successfully into the install program. The drive
>is a PLEXTOR CD-R  PX-R412C.  It proceeds OK down to the
>screen titled "Choose Installation Media". If I select item:
>    1. CD/DVD  Install from a FreeBSD CD/DVD
>and then press <CR> it just repeats the dialog, and refuses
>to find the installation images on the very same CD that
>it just booted from in the first place?!   And, there is
>no other device choice given which is applicable here.
>I even went so far as to retry an install from FreeBSD 5.2.1
>CDs which I had previously installed onto an ATA-based box.
>It failed in exactly the same place with the same error.
>What gives here?
>This system has all SCSI peripherals: the controller is a
>Tekram PCI board model DC-390F with Symbios 53C875 chip,
>3 HDDs and the Plextor CD-R.
>This same box was previously been running RedHat Fedora Core 1
>for over a year with the same h/w config.  Now, I wish to convert
>this into a FreeBSD firewall system running PF.
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